Cub's First Winter by Rebecca Elliott

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Cub's First Winter by Rebecca Elliott
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Genre: For Sharing
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Keith Dudhnath
Reviewed by Keith Dudhnath
Summary: A gorgeous look at Cub and Mum's evening walk on the first day of winter. The gentle pace and beautiful illustrations make it a great choice for any bookshelf. Highly recommended. Rebecca Elliott was kind enough to be interviewed by Bookbag.
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Pages: 32 Date: June 2010
Publisher: Top That!
External links: Author's website
ISBN: 978-1849560993

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It's the first day of winter and Cub can't sleep, so Mum decides the best option is a forest walk. Cub is a mass of questions about the new experiences - why are the trees undressed, why can they see their breath, and why are the birds going on holiday? Mum informs and reassures Cub as they enjoy the wonders of nature and each other's company.

What an utterly gorgeous book! The changing of the seasons are intertwined with the changing from day to night. Both themes have such a gentle and caring pace that your heart will be immediately warmed. Cub's questions have gallons of playful and inquisitive charm, and Mum's answers are exactly the sort of cheeky angle to the real answer that kids remember for years and years. It all winds down to sleepy time, and I can't think of anything more appealing than cuddling up with Mum and Cub.

There has been a small flurry of books recently from Rebecca Elliott, with Milo's Pet Egg and the particularly excellent Just Because by Rebecca Elliott. Cub's First Winter stands firmly alongside them - they're all fine additions to your bookshelf, but never samey. Plot, tone, even to some extent the illustrations, are separate and distinct from one book to the next. What connects them all is their high quality, which bodes well for future books. If pushed to pick one of the three, I'd pick Just Because, but Cub's First Winter is growing on me with every read, particularly because of the beautiful snowy landscapes and warm fur.

Ok, so it's August right now and the sun is shining, but losing yourself in Cub's First Winter is still a real treat. It's beautiful, gentle, and just plain lovely. You'd be a fool to miss out on it. Highly recommended.

My thanks to the publishers for sending it to Bookbag.

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Bookinterviews.jpg Rebecca Elliott was kind enough to be interviewed by Bookbag.

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